KOTD WD2: Chedda Cheese vs Henry Bowers

Här battlen mellan Henry Bowers och Chedda Cheese från World Domination 2 i Kanada.

Från Kingofthedot.com:

From a visual standpoint, these two are not the people you expect to see when watching a top tier rap battle. Henry Bowers, the Sweden assassin who has earned his status as one of Scandinavia’s finest after only a few matches, looks like someone who just stepped straight out of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, his magnificent dreadlocks and long beard surrounding his entire upper half. Chedda Cheese, one of the best spitters Canada’s Alberta division has to offer, looks like someone who just stepped out of a Lord of the Rings convention, his high pitched voice matching his skinny form and product infused hair perfectly. World Domination 2’s next release, featuring these two squaring off in a high intensity showdown, acts as evidence that appearances can be deceiving. Creativity, wordplay, rhythm and bars all combine together into a perfect storm that makes this one of the closest and most entertaining battles of the entire event. These two are sure to be turning heads in the battle rap world for a long time to come. But who was able to get the upper hand in this epic clash?


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